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Dj She-Ra has been spinning for 20yrs in alternative scenes around the world: London, Ibiza, Berlin, Brighton, Delft, Stockholm, Belfast, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney. She's a London based and Melbourne made dancing, smiling, colourful DJ full of fizzing fun energy to take you on an epic synthtastic journey through space and time.

Always multifarious; you could hear a mix of synthwave, synthpop, Italo disco, melodic house & techno with a dash of Psytrance and maybe even a sprinkle of goth. If it fits the mood, she’s playing it.

She has supported: The Prodigy, Futurecop!, Waveshaper, Robert Parker, Oscillian, NINA, VHS Dreams, Vincenzo Salvia, Sunglasses Kid, Makeup And Vanity Set, Betamaxx, Parallels, Morgan Willis, Duett, Danger, Starcadian, Maxthor, Maethelvin, & Nightstop.

She also produced UK synthwave all-day event Outrun The Sun UK 2021.   

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Upcoming gigs:

23 Sep: DJ She-Ra's 20th anniversary club night! That's right people, 20yrs on the decks this year, time to celebrate!! @Luna Lounge, basement, 7 Church Lane, London, E11 1HG



4 Dec: Maverick Festival 3 Listen

July: Maverick Festival 2 Listen

2021 Dec: Maverick Festival 1 Listen April Listen March: Listen Feb: Listen


NYE 'Nostalgia Express' Listen

Dec: Mak from Slimelight tribute Listen

Nov: 90s Special Listen

Sep: 3hr set Listen

Aug: Listen

July: Listen

June: Stonehenge 'Fuck The System' Party Listen

Previous gigs:


20 May: Dancing and Laughing @Aces & Eights - Synthpop, post-punk, goth, and new wave.


16 Aug: Rollerdrome Game Launch @Rollernation, skating rink, London Listen

14 May: Laser Highway w Megahit, Ed Vice and Zertonine @Loop Bar, Melbourne.

26 Mar: Future Sounds w Sunglasses Kid, New Arcades, Iversen, Runners Club, 80s Stallone, Doner Lens, Melonade @The Post, London. - Cancelled because I caught Covid. :'(


Oct 9: Outrun The Sun UK, Synthwave all-day event. Entire event, brand, posters and socials produced and designed by me.


Feb 2:VHS Visions 7 @Debaser, Stockholm. Synthwave, retrofuture wave and italo disco.

March 9th: Laser Highway @Loop Bar Melbourne. Synthwave and italo disco Listen

July 6: Outland Toronto 2019 Retrowave Festival @Mod Club Theatre, Toronto Synthwave, retrofuture wave and outrun Listen

July 27: Retro Future Festival 2019 London @26 Leake Street. MCing / hosting plus DJing all night throughout live acts synthwave, retrowave, 80s, italo disco.

Aug 2: Wolfclub, Lost Outrider and DJ She-Ra @The Hairy Dog, Derby. Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, 80s and Italo disco.


Oct 20: Stranger Nights @Flora Theatre, Delft, Netherlands. Played on the bill with Nina, Devereaux85 and Radiograph. Synthwave, retrofuture wave and italo.

Oct 5: Journeys Into Synthwave by Outland. Played on the bill with Morgan Willis, Paradise Walk and New Arcades @ Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Hoxton, London. Synthwave, retrofuture wave and italo.

Sept 29: Electric Dreams @London Stone. Alternative 80s, new romantic, new wave, electro and goth.

July 15: Gay wedding in a mansion in Windsor! Playing synthwave, italo disco, disco, 80s, 90s, acide house and some extras..

July 18:- Retro Future Fest II @229 The Venue, London. Synthwave and italo disco. Playing with over 15 amazing synthwave acts from around the world!

March 31: Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Hoxton, London. Support for Parallels, NINA and Futurecop! Played Synthwave, Outrun and Italo disco.

March 10:- Laser Highway @LOOP bar Melbourne.

Synthwave and italo disco.

Feb 10: Dark Disco @Shacklewell Arms, Dalston, London. Siouxsie and the Banshees special #2.

Feb 2:- Malborough Pub & Theatre, Brighton. Playing a mad mix of weird and wonderful music from all over the place.

2017: Nov - Alternative wedding in Belfast. 80s and 90s alternative underground greats with a dash of 60s and 70s, only the best, none of the commercial trashy wedding cliche rubbish.

Oct 20: Chiaroscuro @Star By Hackney Downs. My own night full of Synthwave and italo disco.

Sep 16th: DJ She-ra plays The Finsbury. 90s rnb, hip hop, indie, britpop!

Sep 1st: Malborough Pub & Theatre, Brighton. Playing a mad mix of weird and wonderful music from all over the place.

Aug 19th: Yesterdays Shadow @Pack and Carriage, Camden, London. Goth, Post-punk, Alt 80s and new romantic.

July 14th: Chiaroscuro @Star By Hackney Downs. My own night full of Synthwave and italo disco.

June 9th: Chiaroscuro @Star By Hackney Downs. My own night full of Synthwave and italo disco.

May 17th: Badmotorfinger @The Moustache Bar. Grunge night in memoriam of Chris Cornell.

May 6th: Synthwave Club gig @Electrowerkz, playing sets between bands before and after: Black Nail Cabaret's UK album launch. Synthwave from now, 80s synth bands, italo and new wave.

March 30th: Butch, Please! Riot Grrrl Night @ Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Feb 11th: Dark Disco 'Siouxsie' Special @ Shacklewell Arms, Dalston.


Oct 28th: BSMT Gallery Space, London 'Dark Burlesque' Halloween night - 60s swamp rock, Cramps inspired kookiness & darker flavours

9th Sept: Negative creep @The Lounge, London - alt 90s grunge, pop and rock.

April 2016: Laser Highway @Forgotten Worlds, Melb - 80s synth/italo dream space scapes.

March 19th: Club Sanguine @Four Moons, Melbourne. Goth, alternative 80s, new romantic.

2015: Dec 31st 2015: Discoteca Nero New Years Eve @ Collingwood secret warehouse, Melb - retro wave, synth, italo disco, cold wave outrun.

Dec 19th 2015: Laser Highway @ Forgotten Worlds, Melb - 80s synth/italo dream space scapes.